About Us


President: David Cugley

Secretary: Sue Hilton

Treasurer: Kevan Thomas

President Elect: David Cugley

Foundation: Steve Brough

Public Relations: Heather Winch

Membership: All club members

Youth: David Cugley

International: Zeya Poya

Community: All members

Vocational: Malcolm Elliott

On to Conference: Heather Winch


Being an organization made up of business and professional people that was started in 1905, it’s not surprising that women weren’t invited to be members of Rotary International until we began to take up more roles in the business world. In addition, Rotary is represented in over 180 countries which have very different cultures and attitudes to the role of women.

Since 1989 women have joined Rotary in large numbers and are holding leadership positions throughout the organization.  There are now more than 250,00 women Rotarians worldwide.  Rotary provides opportunities for ordinary women to do extraordinary things.  Our women members at the Rotary Club of Dingley Village love volunteering their skills for others.  Plus, they have made a new network of friends.  Rotary is dedicated to achieving equality for women around the world.


Dingley Village History